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At ADS Insight, we strive for effective sustainable policy that protects people, planet and economic prosperity – today, and in the future. As one of the most trusted and impactful boutique consultancies in the Brussels public policy arena, we ensure that our clients are active in the elaboration of  viable public policies for a sustainable future. 

Our international, multi-lingual team regroups experts in areas such as food, health, circular economy, transport, energy, digital and education, who all place sustainability at the core of their endeavours. Our Managing Director, Aida Axelsson-Bakri is an SDG Communications trainer for the prestigious Vital Voices WeEmpower programme this year and  helps change-makers across the world to make a difference. Through her actions and hard work in the Brussels policy bubble, she has been guiding and inspiring the whole ADS Insight team to take a standpoint for a better, more equitable, and sustainable planet since 2001. 

Thanks to our dedication and mutual trust with our clients, we have kept long-term client relations with major businesses and associations. We also actively share our expertise through strategic analyses and studies to help businesses position themselves on various aspects of sustainability and define innovative sustainable solutions. 

We believe in equitable access to advocacy and legislative engagement, and dedicate time to making sure that innovators, start-ups and NGOs with less means can also participate in the legislative processes towards sustainable policy.  We  provide them with the means and opportunities they need to shine. 



Meaningful policy for a sustainable and  better world.
We seek effective policy that protects people, planet and economic prosperity today and in the future.


To demonstrate leadership in the Brussels public policy arena, to be recognised as the most trusted and most impactful partner for advocacy, dialogue and sustainability solutions.



We believe in a transparent and democratic process to achieve optimal regulatory solutions. We believe in our integrity to do what we say and say what we do.


We believe that genuine dialogue is dependent on mutual trust.


We believe in the guiding principles behind the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We believe in the power of innovation and supportive public policy as the fastest track to sustainability.


We believe in diversity, equality, and inclusion.


We believe in equitable access to advocacy and legislative engagement.


We believe in a collaborative effort to achieve excellence. We believe in always maintaining a courteous and caring professional attitude.


Our services are built around four pillars

  • Advancing meaningful dialogue between private and public entities
  • Managing and implementing EU and national advocacy and lobby campaigns
  • Identifying opportunities and risks in EU policies Conducting analyses, reports and studies on relevant EU and national policy
  • Producing studies, analysis of trends and position of clients on sustainability
  • Mapping of influencers shaping sustainability
  • Summaries and analyses of EU existing and upcoming policies and legislation
  • Providing tailor-made training sessions on sustainability positioning and communications
  • Awareness raising campaigns
  • Organising, hosting, speaking at webinars and events Coaching and empowering sustainability leaders
  • Renting of meeting rooms and serviced office space in Brussels
  • Identifying EU funding opportunities for innovative solutions
  • Assisting, reviewing and advising in writing a successful proposal
  • Getting involved in sustainable EU-funded projects as partner on policy and/or communications (e.g. in Green Deal calls)
  • Assisting in establishing innovative and successful partnerships and consortia, bringing private, not-for-profit and public sectors together.


We are pleased to offer our analysis of how the EU is progressing in the implementation of the UN SDGs. Download our eBooks providing concise summary of progress and a reference list of the EU legislative and non-legislative action plans for addressing the SDGs.

  • Progress towards implementation of sustainable production and consumption policy (SDG 12). Link to eBook download and visual.
  • Must read! We are happy to share our summary of the Eurostat report on the progress of the EU to reach the UN SDGs targets. We have gathered for you the main results on Education, Health, Circular Economy, Energy, Climate and Maritime. Great concrete insights on how the EU is doing to implement more sustainability in those fields. Link to summary download and visual.
  • Progress towards implementation of Gender Equality and Empower all Women and Girls (SDG 5). Link to eBook download and visual.

PICTURE BY Kévin Hamon

PICTURE BY Kévin Hamon




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