Welcome to Aida’s brand new blog! #sdgs #empowerment

20 March 2020

Our managing director, Aida Bakri is delighted to welcome you to her brand new blog!

“Welcome to my 2020 blog series where I will share with you some random or collected thoughts on life and times as a fun-loving, environmentally-conscious, caring mom and dog-mom, business owner, advocacy expert, impact-oriented social entrepreneur and global citizen. In short: that’s me, possibly crazy.

This is the first entry in what will hopefully become The Power to Empower Sustainability Series. First, I will introduce why I think we all need to search for our own power to empower. In Blog #1, I will be bringing you in on my own power-to-empower journey. After this, and throughout 2020, I will choose one SDG every few weeks – and share my ideas on how industry, NGOs, academia, and civil society (ie you and me) can be empowered to contribute to achieving the sustainability goals.

As former UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, said in his speech at the International Conference on People’s Empowerment and Development in Bangladesh in 2012:
“By looking at empowerment and development together, (we) are focusing welcome attention on issues that matter most (…) Empowerment is a key means to achieving sustainable development and other vital goals. But it also has a value in and of itself.”

Couldn’t agree more. It’s vital”

Aida Bakri

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