We have moved!!

19 February 2020

We are delighted to announce, we have moved! Our new offices are in the beautiful art-deco building, Résidence Palace, in the EU district near Schuman.

Résidence Palace was built in the late 1920’s, almost 100 years ago. Designed by the Swiss architect Michel Polak, the building was initially conceived as luxury apartments for the Belgian bourgeoisie, and the complex also included a cinema, a swimming pool, a shop and hairdressers’ salon. After the Second World War, the building was converted into offices and today a large part of Résidence Palace hosts the International Press Center.

One block, the Europa Building, completely remodelled in 2016 hosts the European Summit meetings where the heads of State and Ministers meet each other. Just across the street, the Berlaymont building, the headquarters of the European Commission. This is the heart of the EU!

Rules matter. Be heard.

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